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Case History

We share with you projects and case studies that our Management Softwares have solved for our customers in more than 5 years
of Data Management development

Create Orders and send the Confirmation via email

App for Orders


Restaurant Manager

  Loading Unloading of Warehouse in Restaurants Franchising
 PocketSell for managing sales force in franchising

SME, Companies with franchising and independent professionals

Ticketing to manage request of Clients
D-TEC for managing scheduled Maintenances and Technical Assistance on Plants

Technical Interventions on Buildings

Ticketing Solution for collecting of requests of Technical Assistances
 D-TEC for requests of interventions and maintenances on Buldings

Team of technicians outside the office

D-TEC for Checking of availability of materials in Warehouse

Invoicing with TVA calculation

D-TEC - Management Assistance on Plants in the field with Complete Invoicing

Sector: Electric Plants both Industrial and civil

Tracking GPS Nios4

For checking and Tracking of working Teams in the field and
Sales agents Travelling