Automate and Simplify Invoicing  in Building Apartments

Withholding tax for invoicing in condominiums with D-TEC

Customer’s needs

Mr. Stefano, the owner of an Italian Company of Electrical Systems, realized that in administration they spent a lot of time invoicing to condominiums. Many incomplete work reports and cumulative count to be made, to which also apply the 4% withholding tax to the invoice, all avoiding errors of verification and calculation.

Working only in a small part with the Condominiums, he decided to reduce this management time by computerizing the compilation of reports and simplifying the issue of the invoice with withholding tax

The Solution

Following Mr. Stefano’s requests, we:

  • included the electronic invoicing form to its program;

  • downloaded the additional function of automatic grouping according to the Condominium of all the reports opened within an invoice;

  • added the automatic calculation of the 4% withholding TVA in the total balance of the invoices for Condominiums.

We made all these changes thanks to the additional components and the implementation of the required calculation expressions.

Operational context of D-TEC

Mr. Stefano looked for a program on the net for the management of technical interventions and downloaded our software D-TEC. He activated the Free Cloud version for 30 days, testing both the Desktop and Android Mobile versions on the intervention sights. He shared the data collected on the spot with his administration and gathered favorable opinions from all his staff.

Having reached the first goal for the computerization of work processes, he wanted to make his software more complete and optimal for his company by adding also the invoicing system since the basic version of the program is not equipped.

Since D-TEC is one of the programs born from our Nios4 platform, Mr. Stefano guessed that he could customize the program independently. However, he decided to contact our technical support first and asked if there was any additional module for D-TEC that handled the invoices automatically.

Results achieved

  • A 90% reduction of the recovery and verification times of the work reports
  • Simplification of the recovery procedure by grouping all the interventions and divided by the single condominium

  • 100% control of work activities still to be invoiced

  • Automation of calculations on invoice totals

  • Planning of tasks to be assigned to individual technicians

  • Operativity for the entire team, both for who works connected and for who is offline

  • Completed and updated business data sharing

  • Freedom of using the software on all Android and iOS mobile devices, in addition to Windows, Mac OS, and Web systems

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