Loading and Unloading of Warehouse with PocketSell

Fabio - Restaurant Manager in Manchester


- impossible to have the updated inventory on a daily basis
- mistakes in reorder of food products
- lost entries due to product breakdown

Ideal for those who manage sales force, shops, franchising branches. The typical scenario in which the unloading of warehouse online resolves the management of various outlets managed from local sellers with a central warehouse that triggers the reordering or picking based on the level of stock of the detached warehouses.

Customized Solution developped

PocketSell in Cloud at Records with unlimited users.
The inventory updated at all times has enabled the store manager of Manchester to always know the updated quantities present in the store, the same thing will do the owners of the other stores of Liverpool, New Castle etc... The manager of the warehouse in London sees all the stocks updated, both for the central warehouse that of all the sales stores and decides what the store manager can see and modify, limiting the accesses. This has reduced the frequent errors due to the failure to return the unsold of the various stores that could not be correctly attributed.


How many times a product return has remained unsold but not correctly recorded in the store inventory and therefore not returned to the central warehouse in London for proper disposal, generating errors. With PocketSell Warehouse Thomas has the quantities of the store always updated, every store manager sees everything but can not change the data of other stores. Fewer errors, endless users, more efficiency with ONLY 1 Program.

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