The professional solution D-TEC for Technical Assistance with the App

How to simplify technical interventions on apartment buildings

The Customer PROBLEM

Maurice has a company called MA Plants srl with 6 employees and 90% of his work is represented by maintenance works and technical interventions in apartments Building in the Monza Suburb. Tired of complaints often coming from administrators for delays in the intervention and on consumption materials, Maurice together with his chief team Anthony made the decision to look for an App to use for their technicians so they fill in the field exactly what they do and where they are.

Obtained Results

- 40% saved time avoiding calls, emails of the previous manual handling
- sharing planning interventions of Technicians on Windows and Android
- 70% errors reduction in assigning work orders between apartment buildings and privates
- tracking of requests in case of complaints
- work validation in the field from who signs the work finished in the Intervention Report

Proposed Solution

  • App D-TEC to fill in work reports in the field. The program on Windows to simplify works planning using the integrated Agenda divided for Technician
  •  Activation of Ticketing service for free and included the program that through a link with his Logo to supply to the condominius administrators for the requests of technical intervention.

After D-TEC testing, the program is operational for all Condominius Clients, creating a flow of organized data both for building administrators, that for the planning of technicians working team in the field.

The program on Windows has adapted to the working method of Mr. Maurice planning the interventions in Agenda for Technician, each Technician in the site construction sees in real time only its works to execute.

Operational Context of D-TEC on mobile
...Windows, Web, MAC, App Android and iOS. It works also Offline.

Maurice finds in internet the program D-TEC for technical assistance and work reports. He downloads the free Demo and try the Cloud free for 30 days. He requests the activation of the Ticketing service, enters the company info and provides the link of the service to his condominium administrators.

Computerize the management of the requests from each apartment building through email alerts of the same, the assignment to technicians and execution status of the requests. He shared planning of technical Interventions with employees in the field, that read the works to be done in the Agenda.

The Ticketing is the editable Tool according to Maurice needs, that requests us a customization of the service, consisting in transforming the Ticket of assistance directly into an Intervention Report to be invoiced for each Building.

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