Create Orders with several Items and Multi Print view

Automatically send an order confirmation email from PocketSell

Operational Context

Boris owns a company that produces and sells sausages all over the world. It must manage production, storage, administration and sale.
In administration they waste a lot of time in writing by hand the quantities of the Order, the details, the discounts applied for each customer and dedicated price lists. They also need to be able to choose what details to show in the Order Form.

Goals Achieved

- 100 % digitisation of orders
- 85 % reduction in errors in discounts and price lists
- automation of sending mail to the customer on order confirmation by PocketSell
- reduction of time spent transcribing the Order by hand
- 100% choice of what voices to show in the Order when sending and printing it

multi prints and email sending

Proposed Solution

Boris found on the play store the PocketSell App, after having tried it for 30 days on Windows and Android he turned to our technical support to customize the management of Orders.

We offered him the Cloud M License for 2500 total records on Windows, Web, and Apps for sales force in mobility. We created a customization to allow him to apply Discounts to a single item in a row, which has become an Addon available for everyone.

To allow the administration to print orders and offers send them by email for confirmation, we have created a customized display according to the specifications of the Customer who asked not to display the unit price of individual Items but only the total of the Order.
From the Actions button in the order form -> print, press Order without unit prices and, the Order can be sent for acceptance.

We have implemented an automatism in PocketSell of Sending mail to the Customer with the copy of the Order just confirmed. PocketSell verifies that the Order is in "Confirmed" state and that the Customer’s email is present, at this point the program creates the subject and the body of the email by extrapolating the data from the Order Form. The administration no longer has to manually send the summary with the confirmation of the Order.

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